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Traveling migrants

There are more people forcibly displaced from their homes than ever before

And the trend is rising rapidly. According to the UNHCR, each year in the last decade has set a new record. In 2013, there were 51.23M displaced persons around the world. In 2022, that number rose to a staggering 108.4M.


76% of the world’s refugees are hosted in low- and middle-income countries.

Now hiring signs

Meanwhile, the US and Canada are facing a labor shortage crisis.

11M job openings in the United States with low-level unemployment. The gap continues to widen as Baby Boomers retire, leaving a vacuum in the labor market that grows until 2045.

Workforce Hope Foundation works to build community welcome for immigrants to the United States.

Ukrainian newcomer holding United States Flag

We believe that integrating immigrants is good for people, communities, and businesses.


Many immigrants coming from crisis situations either had everything taken from them or were never able to build up comfortably. As such, many come with little more than a single backpack. 


A good job is the cornerstone for a fresh start. However, as we've discovered, there are so many needs to help immigrants come and to be welcomed safely. So, we started a Foundation.

Three Entities, One Wholistic Solution

Workforce Hope Foundation bookends the recruitment and placement services of Workforce Hope Inc.

Our partnering law firms handle all of the legal paperwork and USCIS application for the Workforce Hope candidates.

These entities together represent a wholistic and sustainable global solution.



Legal Processing

We know this is more than a job, we are fundamentally changing lives.

The Migrant population in our world is among the most vulnerable, and many bad actors prey upon them. You need to work with a partner you can trust, who shares similar values. We take the work seriously and personally as we work to create a better world for all. Get to know the story behind Workforce Hope, and the hearts behind the emails.

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