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Welcome Community

There is no shortage of ways to help welcome and settle new Americans into our communities. 


Between setting up apartments for their arrival, greeting at the airport, helping register kiddos for school, or taking on the first grocery store shopping experience; acting as a community concierge and a friend is a powerful experience. 


Secure apartment(s)

Procure basic furnishings

Buy basic groceries


Greet at airport

Give tour of apartment

Share paperwork to file remaining applicable items: Social Security, USCIS 1765, and lease


Tour the community

Take on first shopping experience

Register for school and daycare

Share banking options and set up a bank account

Set up mail

Practice riding the bus and explore transportation

Practice the route to work

Introduce to ESL Classes

Connect with driving lesson options

Set up health insurance

Connect with medical screening and vaccinations

Introduce to culture or faith communities

Walk through car loan options

Listen to their story

Connect with counseling opportunities

Are you interested in getting involved? Our pilot communities are Fargo, ND and Duncan, SC. Interested in growing a welcome community in your town? Let's get in touch to see how we can grow welcome. 

Welcome takes a village

Landing Spot

Some of our newcomers, from Latin America in particular, are not approved to work upon arrival. Therefore we need to find partners who are willing to help us provide room and board for newcomers for the 30-90 days until their work authorization is approved. 

We are searching for partners who have facilities or programming to help house, feed, and or train those who need a warm place to land. 

A safe place to land

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